January 10 | 2023

Society for Human Resource Management - Member Professional Development Meeting (Salt Lake City)

Cultivating Teams as Social Media Ambassadors.

Join us on January 10, 2023 at 10:00 am MST for the next Professional Development Meeting as Kelley Keller, IP Attorney, Mediator, and Founder of Big Bang Legal, a strategic consulting and education company, teaches us how to cultivate and empower employees as brand ambassadors online.

September 29 | 2022

Fundamentals of Strategic Thinking for In-House Counsel

Leveraging Legal Skills to Win at Business.

Join Kelley Keller at 12:00 pm EST on September 29, 2022, for the next edition of In-House Connnect’s Legal Innovation Series. Kelley Keller, IP Revenue Generation Consultant, IP Attorney and Mediator, and Founder of Big Bang Legal, a strategic consulting and education company, will teach the audience how to leverage legal strategies to enhance company performance.  You can register for the event HERE.

This presentation will show attendees how to use their legal knowledge to create, implement, and manage a sustainable and productive business strategy that helps legal departments emerge from its one dimensional role of compliance into a proactive agent that provides their companies with a competitive edge.

Lawyers’ unique capabilities can transform legal departments into force multipliers that speed time to market, increase revenue, and build brand equity, provided those skills are strategically leveraged.In business, legal is a key task force partner that can bolster the top line given their ability to find under-performing assets and transform them into high-value revenue-generating assets.

Attendee Takeaway

By focusing on strategic elements, Kelley’s presentation will home in on the layers of strategic thinking that will help attendees better understand:

  • their full potential as in-house counsel;
  • their unique and vital role; and
  • practical steps for expanding from a limited compliance role to providing strategic advantage.


Looking forward to seeing you there!