Girl Power!
A Reclamation

Girl Power! A Reclamation

We are living in what is called the “fourth wave” of feminism in America. The nature and focus of the feminist movement in this fourth wave has changed dramatically, especially in the last decade. 

What was once a fight for equal opportunity and equal access to American life has transformed into a battle for sameness between men and women. This shift has seen the rise of a new ideology of gender and identity and the emergence of an internecine war between second and third-wave feminists and the more radical fourth-wave which is currently taking flight in American culture.

Feminism was born precisely because men and women aren’t the same. However, we continue to define feminine power in masculine terms and demand women be judged through a masculine lens, which seems nonsensical.

By dissolving our uniqueness through vocabulary and unfocused activism, we are creating a confused society which, in my opinion, renders women far more powerless than they were just a decade ago. We reinforce the superiority of masculinity as the standard bearer for all people, including women, which seems to be counterintuitive to the feminist mandate.

Girl Power! A Reclamation explores the four unique seasons of American feminism and helps the audience makes sense of the some of the surprising shifts in language and attitude that most of us simply do not understand. 

This talk is for students or young adults, or for an exclusively adult audience, and is one hour long. It can be presented in person or virtually.