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Letter From the Editor

Kelley’s weekly note will be a fresh take on what’s on her mind, what she’s working on, and what she wants to learn from you. This content is exclusive for subscribers.

Blog Posts

Kelley’s posts generally fall into the following categories: 
  • Lessons from a Life in the Fast Lane (Adapted from Kelley’s TRUTH Series on LinkedIn)
  • American Law, Politics, Culture, and Conflict
  • Strategic Thinking, Strategy Building, and Strategy Execution
  • Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Industry 4.0 in American Business


Kelley currently hosts two podcasts:
I Am Roe, Hear Me Roar!
I Am Roe, Hear Me Roar! Is a podcast on the legal history of abortion in America. 
The Savvy Citizen
The Savvy Citizen is a podcast for ordinary Americans seeking to get back to the basics of our founding, the government it creates, the legal system it operates, and the role America has played, and will continue to play, in world history.  

The Dobbs Digest

The Dobbs Digest is a weekly roundup of current abortion news post-Dobbs annotated with Kelley’s commentary putting it context and explaining what it actually means.

Speaking Events, Outside Publications, and Other Fun Happenings

Quick updates on “goings on” and when and how you can participate in important conversations.
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