The Confidence

The Confidence Equation: Master Skills for a Fulfilling Life

Someone once told me that confidence comes from competence, and competence comes from doing anxiety inducing things. Wow, did this provide some much needed perspective! 

Once I figured out  what I needed – that is the skills I needed – to start doing the “anxiety inducing things,” I got to work. Eventually, I actually became competent in doing those “anxiety-inducing things.” The natural byproduct, of course, was soaring confidence, a key ingredient for a happy and satisfying life. 

In The Confidence Equation, Master Skills for a Fulfilling Life, we break down the elements of the “confidence equation” and identify the master skills required to do “anxiety inducing things.” Worry not, these are universal skills applicable to any situation.  The Confidence Equation may be presented to students and young adults or to an exclusively adult audience. It is one hour and may be presented in person or virtually.