Understanding Choice: Getting to the Heart of the Matter on Abortion

Abortion is arguably the most contentious and highly-charged issue in American political life and culture.The disagreements over what should, and shouldn’t, be legal are intense, divisive, and irreconcilable among those who come to the issue from different worldviews. 

For some, abortion is murder, for others, abortion is human right. Regardless of one’s perspective, there is a large body of law that extends far beyond Roe v. Wade or Dobbs v. Jackson, and informs the abortion debate in living color, particularly when it comes to defining choice and who has the power to make it.

What is curious, and a bit disturbing, is how few people understand the legal contours of this issue or can accurately articulate what the abortion right is, was, or might be in the future. This lack of knowledge simply creates more chaos, more confusion, and more anger. It resolves NOTHING.

In the Understanding Choice presentation, we take a wide lens to the legal landscape of abortion in America and break it down into its key elements. By the end of the presentation, the audience will understand exactly what Roe said, what it didn’t say, what Dobbs said, what it didn’t say, and how we move forward from here.

This talk is viewpoint neutral and focuses on the legal developments in abortion in America. While the focus is on the law, rest assured we don’t sacrifice the tales of political infighting and palace intrigue we’ve all heard so much about. 

Understanding Choice may be presented to students and young adults, or to an all adult audience. It is one hour and may be presented in person or virtually.